Storage & Delivery


Throughout the 25+ years since Coastal Forest Products was founded there have been many changes within the industry, but one truth has gone unchanged – the Value of Quality.  Our commitment to providing quality products to our customers is no more apparent than at our Bow, NH storage facility.

Featuring over 250,000 sq. ft. of covered storage, products are completely protected from the elements.  This massive facility ensures that upon delivery, the product is in the best possible condition for use on your jobsite.  Our complete inventory of engineered lumber is also housed within the covered facility.

The huge amount of storage capacity allows Coastal Forest Products to carry adequate inventory levels to satisfy customer demand.  It also allows us the ability to offer a large variety of product-solutions, saving you time and money by ordering from one supplier.



Supplying quality products is only part of Coastal Forest Products’ success over that last quarter century.  Ensuring that your materials arrive on time, in an efficient manner, and in pristine condition is a must.

Dependable deliveries can be made Monday through Friday throughout the year.  Coastal Forest Products proudly serves all of New England, Long Island and the Hudson River Valley in New York. Your materials will arrive on our curtain-sided trucks which protect them during transit and increase your off-loading efficiency.  Orders are also wrapped for additional security against damage.

Our commitment to expansive inventory of all product lines ensures that your orders can be fulfilled quickly and effectively regardless of quantity.  Plus, in most cases there is no minimum order quantity; in fact “less-then-unit” orders are very welcome.