SBC Cedar Shingles

Factory Finished Shingles

Backed by the Peace-of-mind warranty program, SBC Shingles come in a wide range of colors and finishes. Each manufacturing step is  performed at SBC in a controlled environment.

  • Easy installation system:
    – Nail line on every shingle
    – Installation tool
    – Touch-up kits
  • Minimum 3-7/16’’ shingles width:
    – 15 % larger than industry standard.
  • Graded on both faces.
  • R&R precision 1/64’’ to 10’’
    Truest R&R shingles on the market.
  • Kiln-dried by dehumidification:
    Producing shingles that are less brittle and susceptible to cracking.
  • Exclusive factory finish ‘‘dipping’’ process puts more stain where it counts, below the
    5’’ exposure line.

Note: Pre-Finished shingles are only available in Sidewall Select AB grade.


Dimensions EWC Shingles WRC Shingles
Butt Thickness 3/8” 7/16”
Length 16” 18”
Width 3” to 11” 4” to 14”


Extra A – Superior quality, no imperfections
Sidewall Select AB – Wider for faster install
Clear B – Standard quality
2nd Clear C – Economy quality

Designer Shape Shingles

Made exclusively from Extra ‘A’ shingles, Designer Shape Shingles add a distinctive touch to any home.  SBC offers 8 decorative shingle designs that will add a unique appearance to your gable, dormer or your entire project.

Factory-Finished Shingles

Owing to the partnership between SBC and PPG/Olympic™, creator and leader of machine applied coatings, you can rest assured of getting exceptional quality. At SBC, all the processes and finishes have been tested to make sure they exceed your expectations.