Rainscreen Siding

Iron Woods® Vanish™ Rainscreen & Soffit System… “Pushing the Envelope”

The perfect complement to the natural beauty of our Iron Woods® premium grade exterior building products and our existing line of cladding profiles, the Iron Woods® Rain Screen, Façade and Vanish™ Clip System brings a new found elegance to the art of both commercial and residential building envelope and interior facade design and construction. Available in Ipe & Garapa 1×6 profiles (standard) or other species & 1×4 profile (custom order).

The concept of rain screen or ventilated and back drained wall and soffit systems is not new. As far back as the 15th century the impact of moisture condensation behind exterior wall cladding on material performance and finishes has been well understood. Back-Ventilated cladding and soffit systems allow moisture to evaporate more rapidly than closed systems improving the service life of building envelopes in environments that experience high winds and driven rain. What is new is our unique Vanish Clip System which eliminates the need for visible fastening, eliminates the need for battens, and creates both vertical and horizontal air flow improving pressure equalization in high wind environments.

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