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Elite™ Western Red Cedar shingles, bevel siding, and trim boards enhance the appearance and warmth of a home’s exterior through a variety of profiles, grades, finishes, and color options. Most products are in-stock, available for pre-finishing, and ready for prompt shipment.

Elite Western Red Cedar

Elite™ Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding and Trim

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When properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice as a bevel siding material. WRC Siding is a very popular wood siding material as it combines its traditional aesthetic appeal with a natural resistance to decay and attack from insects. Western Red Cedar is also pitch and resin-free, providing it with the added benefit of excellent acceptance of paints and stains.

Elite Bevel Solid siding is a consistent and superior quality of Western Red Cedar and is available in three grades:

  • Clear VG (graded for the smooth face)
  • AYE (graded for the smooth face)
  • AYE TEX (graded for the rough face)

Elite Clear Finger Joint Bevel Siding is also available in three grades:

  • Clear VG (graded for the smooth face)
  • AYE (graded for the smooth face)
  • AYE TEX (graded for the resawn face)

Finishing and Maintenance:

  • All finishes adhere and perform better when applied to fresh, unweathered wood.
  • Storing the siding dry prior to installing is the best preventative measure. Store indoors, or on top of a moisture barrier with good airflow within the unit.
  • Giving the siding time to acclimatize with the local environment before it is installed will minimize movement later on and provide a better surface for the application of the finish coating.
  • For best results, Western Red Cedar should be coated on all sides before installation. Factory finishing, where all available, is preferred method.
  • Custom Pre-Finished Elite Cedar Clapboards are available from Quality Wood Priming!   Note: Custom stain pre-finishing (Weathering Stain, Maximum Cedartone, or Semi-Transparent Stain) is not available for for this product.
  • Power washers are not recommended for use on Western Red Cedar.


WIDTH: 6″ & 8″
SURFACE:  Smooth  & Rough
MILLING: Solid & Finger-Joint
FINISH: Raw, Primed, & Pre-Finished (custom)
LENGTH: Various lengths depending on material


Grade  Size
CVG SM  1/2” x 6”, 8”
CVG SM  3/4” x 8”, 10”
CVG SM FJ  1/2” x 6”
CVG TEX FJ  1/2” x 6”
A+ SM  1/2” x 4”, 6”, 8”
A+ SM  3/4” x 8”, 10”
A+ SM FJ  1/2” x 6”
TEX  1/2” x 6”, 8”
TEX  3/4” x 10”
TEX FJ  1/2” x 6”
CVG SM PR  1/2” x 6”, 8”
CVG SM FJ PR  1/2” x 6”, 8”
CVG SM FJ PR  3/4” x 10”
CVG TEX FJ PR  1/2” x 6”
A+ SM PR  1/2” x 6”, 8”
A+ SM FJ PR  1/2” x 6”
TEX PR  1/2” x 6”, 8”
TEX FJ PR  1/2” x 6”
Additional WRC Siding Patterns Are Available:

1 x 6  WP4  V-Match  V4E T&G  A+  VG  (6ft. to 20 ft. lengths)
1 x 6  WP4  V-Match  V4E T&G  A+  MG  (6ft. to 20ft. lengths)
1 x 4  WP4  V-Match  V4E T&G  A+  MG  (6ft. to 20ft. lengths)

Elite Western Red Cedar Shingles

Elite stained shingles combine the best exterior wood siding substrate with superior coatings expertly applied by an industry leader in machine coating application.

There is nothing better than Western Red Cedar as a wood substrate for exterior siding. Western Red Cedar is well known for its warmth, character, exceptional beauty and legendary performance as an exterior siding product. It is an extremely versatile wood specie that accepts and holds a wide range of beautiful finishes exceptionally well including Weathering Stains, Clear Solutions, Semi Transparent stains and traditional Solid colors, which offer the best protection.

The coatings for Elite are formulated by the industry originator and leader in machine applied coating technology – PPG Industries. PPG Machine applied coatings are expertly applied by another industry leader – SBC Cedar. SBC’s proprietary dipping process is executed in a factory controlled environment under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity to insure the perfect finish every time.

No other siding product adds more value to a home than wood. With Elite stained Western Red Cedar shingles from Coastal, PPG and SBC Cedar you can have comfort that you have installed the very best exterior siding on your project.

11 Stock Color Choices
The Best Siding Substrate
The Finest #1 Grade
Thicker and Wider Shingles
More Exposure Options
Superior Coating Technology
Expertly Coated Under Ideal Conditions
Backed by Written Warranties


Grade Size Exposure Butt
#1 R&R KD 18″ 7″ .45″
Approx. Sq. Ft.
Coverage Per Box
Boxes Needed Per
100 Sq. Ft. Coverage
5″ 18 5.56
5-1/2″ 19.5 5.13
6″ 21.5 4.66
6-1/2″ 23 4.36
7″ 25 4


#1 R&R KD Shingles

Available in 9 Solid Colors
– Autumn Brown
– Autumn Gray
– Corundum
– Dark Ash
– Kendall Charcoal
– Monterey Grey
– Phoenix Fossil
– School House Brick
– Taupe

2 Stain Options
– Natural Cedartone
– Weathering Stain


 Elite™ Western Red Cedar Trim


Elite Western Cedar Trim from Coastal Forest Products

Real wood trim on the exterior of residential, commercial or industrial buildings perfectly complements any architectural style and is compatible with all contemporary cladding materials. The ideal wood for exterior trim is Western Red Cedar. Its dimensional stability, longevity, ability to accept a wide range of finishes, resistance to decay, and natural good looks make it the only sensible choice for corner boards, fascia, skirting and window and door trim.

Western Red Cedar trim boards are available in a variety of grades and textures to complement the style you have envisioned. Clear boards have a limited number of natural characteristics and are specified when “clean”, fine appearance of the highest quality is desired. They are available kiln dried or unseasoned. Knotty boards present a more rustic appearance and may be specified seasoned or unseasoned. Texture options of rough, surfaced one side, two edges and surfaced on four sides further enhance your design flexibility.


Species: Western Red Cedar

Usage: Trim Boards in a variety of grades and textures to compliment any style you have envisioned.

Colors: Mixed reds, tans, browns and oranges. Knots depending on grade.

Lengths: 8’ through 20’


1” x 4” thru 1” x 12”
5/4” x 4” thru 5/4” x 12”
2” x 4” thru 2” x 12”

1” x 4” thru 1” x 12”
5/4” x 4” thru 5/4” x 12”