Western Red Cedar

Shingles & Shakes

Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes

Known for its excellent physical properties and appearance characteristics for exterior applications on both roof surfaces, as well as in siding applications. WRC grows just west of the Rocky Mountains and from Alaska down through British Columbia in Canada, through Washington state, to Oregon and the western parts of Idaho.

WRC has natural variances in color, from a light yellow on the extreme light side to a dark chocolate brown on the extreme dark side. This color variation can even happen within the same tree!

Cedar Roofing is thermally efficient, easy to insulate and the only major building material that is renewable. Wood Roofs can keep your attic 28°F cooler in severe summer heat, and warmer during the winter months to help save on heating and cooling costs and reduce your carbon footprint.





Species: Western Red Cedar

Various sizes, grades, and finishes.

Fancy Cuts, Handsplits, Perfections, R&R, Tapersawns, Fivex, and Royals are available.


Available in kiln-dried (KD), pressure treated, primed, natural, sanded face, cedartone, fire treated, and #1 & #2 Grades.

Primed gray and primed white grooved face are also available.

Western Red Cedar Shingles