Benjamin Obdyke Ridge Vent

Benjamin Obdyke

The constant stream of innovation from Benjamin Obdyke has helped shape the thermal and moisture protection segment of the building industry — from the original ridge vent on a roll to our entire Ridge Ventilation Product Family.


  • No other ridge ventilation manufacturer provides the same level of personalized customer service.
  • Products are virtually invisible due to their innovative design
  • Ventilation systems are installed quickly and easily and are compatible with a wide variety of roofing materials and applications
  • Ridge Ventilation products are backed by a 40 or 50-year warranty


Xtractor Ridge Vent XLP – 14” x 4’

Rapid Ridge Roll Vent – 20’ & 50’ LF/Roll

Roll Vent 10.5” – 20’ & 50’ LF/Roll