Henry Underlayment


The complete line of Henry roofing underlayments includes waterproofing solutions for use under shingles, tile, metal, shake, slate and other sloped roofing surfaces. All Henry® roofing underlayments meet or exceed industry standards and can be installed during all seasons.

Eaveguard® Shingle Underlayment

Henry Eaveguard Self-Adhered Shingle Underlayment is specifically designed to provide secondary waterproofing protection to shingles as well as prevent ice damage. It is composed of high-tack rubberized asphalt and glass fiber mat. Sand on the upper surface provides a slip resistant working surface. Additionally, the lower surface has a split-back polymer release liner for ease of application.

Henry also has SRR Eaveguard Start-R-Roll specifically designed to provide a protective waterproof base beneath the first course of shingles. Its zip strip seals down shingle tabs to protect against wind lift-up. It can be used for roof flashing and gutter repairs.

Blueskin® Ice and Water Barrier (RF200)

Henry Blueskin RF200 Self-Adhered Ice and Water Barrier is an SBS modified bitumen hightemperature roofing underlayment reinforced with a textured skid-resistant polyethylene film. The membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered on sloped roof surfaces as secondary seal under shingles or tile.


 Blueskin® HT High Temperature Roofing Underlayment (PE200HT)

Henry Blueskin PE200HT High Temperature Roof Underlayment is a specification-grade, self-adhered roofing underlayment consisting of a high softening point, SBS rubberized asphalt compound, which is integrally laminated to a blue cross-laminated polyolefin film with slip-resistant coating. Blueskin® PE200HT is specifically designed to provide an exceptionally high temperature and performance roofing underlayment. It is designed to be adhered directly to roof decks or certain insulation panels prior to the application of finished roof coverings including architectural metal, shingles or tile. Its main function is to serve as a full coverage waterproofing layer in the composition of architectural metal roof assemblies.


Eaveguard Shingle Underlayment
36” x 65”

Blueskin RF200 Ice & Water Barrier
36” x 65”

Blueskin PE200HT High Temp
Ice & Water Shield
36” x 65”

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