HydroGap® SA is the first and only self-adhered WRB to incorporate a true drainage space.

The 1mm spacer technology combined with a fully-continuous breathable acrylic adhesive provides an unmatched air and moisture barrier.  Adheres to OSB, CDX, plywood, and CMU without the use of a primer above 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Full line of flashing accessories available to complete the system and achieve warranty coverage for 20 years.


HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap is the best performing drainable housewrap on the market. This product allows construction professionals to Build Better™ by effectively eliminating excess moisture, thereby preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot. Its patent-pending one millimeter spacers allow at least 100X more bulk water to drain from a wall versus standard housewraps.

Slicker® HP is the first all-in-one moisture management solution to feature a detachable rainscreen and premium housewrap in a single application. We have combined the benefit of our Slicker Classic rainscreen and FlatWrap UV premium water resistive barrier (WRB) into one easy to use product. The ability to detach the rainscreen from the housewrap without compromising water holdout simplifies installation and allows installers to use preferred flashing methods.

Obdyke Slicker


Flat Wrap UV House Wrap – 5’ x 100’

Cedar Breather Shingle Underlayment – 39.4” x 61.5’

Slicker Classic Ventilating Rain Screen – 39.4” 46.5’

Slicker HP Rain Screen w/Flat Wrap – 39.4” x 61.5’

Slicker 10mm Ventilating Rain Screen – 39.4” x 38.5’

Slicker Max Stone & Stucco – 39.4” x 61.5’

Slicker Insect Screen – (4) 6” x 100’

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap – 5’ x 100’

HydroGap SA – 4.75′ x 80′

HydroGap Seal Tape – 2.5” x 75’

HydroGap Flashing Tape – 4” x 75’

HydroGap Flashing Tape – 6” x 75’

HydroGap Flashing Tape – 9” x 75’

HydroGap Corner Treatment – 5” x 5” x 2.5”


All Products except for HydroGap Corner Treatment available by roll.