Product Hightlights

  • PWT Treated LVL is the only manufacturer of treated LVL, and it is covered by a 25-year limited, transferable warranty.
  • PWT Treated LVL is protected against damage caused by fungal rot, decay and wood-destroying insects, including Formosan termites (interior or exterior usage.)
  • We use a proprietary treatment system and process, utilizing TRU-CORE® technology.

The Product

  • PWT Treated LVL may be used in exterior construction above-ground applications
    (UC3B) and for components that are difficult to maintain, repair, or replace and that
    are critical to the performance and safety of the entire system:
    – Deck substructures, exterior columns, sill plates and fascia
  • Treatment is added during the LVL manufacturing process, which fully penetrates
    throughout each veneer layer, offering complete protection from the inside out
  • No treatement gradient – and double (2X) the preservative retention
    required in various standards around the world
  • Additionally, envelope treated for best surface properties


Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is used in structural applications such as beams, headers, and hip/valley rafters. Because of how it is manufactured, it is available in lengths far beyond conventional lumber lengths, capable of carrying more load, and is  dimensionally stable.


True (Shear-Free) Modulus of Elasticity,
E = 2,000,000(1)(4)
Bending (beam),
Fb = 2,800(2)(3)
Horizontal Shear (beam),
Fv = 285 psi
Compression perpendicular to grain [psi], Fc = 850 psi

(1) Do not adjust for load duration.
(2) Adjust by (12/d)0.2, where d is the depth of the member [inches].
(3) Adjust by 1.04 for repetitive members as defined in the NDS.
(4) True (Shear-Free) modulus of elasticity does not account for shear deformation.
(5) See APA Product Report PR-L329.

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