Norboard Rimboard Features and Benefits

  • Resists twisting, cupping, cracking and warping
  • Available in depths of 9 1/2″, 11 7/8″, 14″, 16″
  • 12′ lengths offer easy handling and installation
  • Each board is edge coated and the units are paper wrapped for protection against the elements
  • Units are minor bundled
  • Engineered to have the structural stength to transfer both vertical and lateral loads
  • Designed and manufactured for use as a perimeter board for floor and roof joists in residential and light commercial construction
  • Smooth stable nailing surface
  • No core voids and will not delaminate
  • Rimboard has edgewise bending properties and can be used to span openings of 4′ or less
  • Manufactured in accordance with ICC – ES AC124, Acceptance Criteria for Wood based Rim Board Products and APA Rimboard Plus
  • Rimboard is also available as FSC® or SFI® Chain of Custody certified.

Building Sustainably

Norboard Rimboard can help your project qualify for points under the National Green Building Standard and LEED®. Norboard Rimboard is certified by the NAHB Research Center as a Green Approved Product under the National Green Building Standard.

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