Coastal Pro-LAM, Pro-I-Joists, and Framing Lumber

Coastal Pro-Lam LVL Beams

  • 100% Douglas Fir with U.V. Inhibitor
  • 2.1 MOE, 3100 Fb, 5-1/2” to 24” Depths
  • Lighter and more stable than Pine LVL
  • Ideal product to support heavy loads

Coastal Pro-LVL I-Joists

  • Douglas Fir LVL flanged 90 Series joists
  • One of the strongest joists available on the market
  • Available in residential and commercial depths
  • Simplifies drilling holes for utilities
  • Larger surface for nailing
Coastal Pro I-Joist

Coastal Pro Framing Lumber

  • Douglas Fir LVL and finger-jointed black spruce
  • For walls that are stiff, straight, and strong
  • Engineered to reduce twisting, warping, and splitting
  • 2×4 to 2×14 up to 32’ lengths.