EB-TY Deck Clips

Pristine. Precise. Perfection. EB-TY® Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System™

Optimize Your Decking Investment

There’s nothing like premium decking to add the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful outdoor living space. When investing in exotic hardwood, redwood and cedar decking, it’s vital for you to choose the right fastening method to ensure durability while letting the beauty of the material shine through.

The new EB-TY Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System is the ideal solution that blends strength with ease of installation in a fastener that won’t detract from the deck’s finished appearance.

Simpson Strong-Tie has redesigned the award-winning EB-TY Hidden Deck-Fastening System by integrating a Type 300 series stainless-steel reinforcing plate that adds stiffness to hold boards in place securely, yet maintains flexibility when seasonal contraction and expansion occur. Combine this innovative new design with our EB-GUIDE predrilling tool, and you have a system that not only provides hidden strength, but is also easy to install.

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