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Western Red Cedar Boards

Cedar Board Trim
Cedar Board Trim

Real wood trim on the exterior of residential, commercial or industrial buildings perfectly complements any architectural style and is compatible with all  contemporary cladding materials. The ideal wood for exterior trim is Western  Red Cedar. Its dimensional stability, longevity, ability to accept a wide range of  finishes, resistance to decay, and natural good looks make it the only sensible  choice for corner boards, fascia, skirting and window and door trim

Western Red Cedar trim boards are available in a variety of grades and textures to  complement the style you have envisioned. Clear boards have a limited number of natural characteristics and are specified when “clean”, fine appearance of the  highest quality is desired. They are available kiln dried or unseasoned. Knotty boards  present a more rustic appearance and may be specified seasoned or unseasoned.  Texture options of rough, surfaced one side, two edges and surfaced on four sides further enhance your design flexibility.

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