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Patrick Lumber Hemlock Trim Boards

patrick lumber logoCoastal Forest Products is proud to introduce a complete program of kiln-dried Western Hemlock products from Patrick Lumber Company. Founded in 1915, Patrick Lumber has a reputation for providing superior service and high quality products for the last 100 years. Together, Patrick Lumber and Coastal strive to always exceed our customers expectations.


Western Hemlock is the single most plentiful tree specie in the upper Western United States and coastal regions of British Columbia, Canada. It is an established soft- wood specie that provides a beautiful pale color with a uniform, attractive grain pattern. The kiln-drying process inhibits natural staining of the wood, improves its strength and stiffness, enhances appearance and increases resistance to decay and attack from insects.


Patrick Lumber Hemlock Bevel Siding L      Patrick Lumber Hemlock Siding

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