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EasyTrim Reveals

EasyTrim Reveals
EasyTrim Reveals
EasyTrim Reveals

single-family-easytrim-reveals-with-black-and-clear-anodized-panel-trims-1EasyTrim Reveals are an exterior aluminum reveal trim product used in conjunction with fiber cement, ACM, and natural wood products to clad building exteriors. It is a cost effective alternative to claddings such as: stucco / EIFS, brick, stone, and imported panel products.

Easytrim Reveals consists of eight primary profiles and four alternate profiles. A number of the profiles are interchangeable to ensure a uniform, hassle free installation with the 5/16” fiber cement panel of your choice. They are available in ten foot lengths.

The end result, is a fast and affordable smooth panel or stucco panel reveal wall finish, with each fiber cement panel being framed with consistent half inch tabs and half inch center reveals.

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