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Iron Woods® Siding

Iron Woods® is the original, leading brand of naturally durable wood products. Favored by design professionals and consumers alike, the Iron Woods® brand has become synonymous with commitment to superior quality and environmental accountability. Our product’s strength, hardness and durability have been proven again and again in demanding commercial applications like the famous Atlantic City and Coney Island Boardwalks and in backyards across America.

Iron Woods® Rain Screen

The Smart Choice. The perfect complement to the natural beauty of our Iron Woods® premium grade exterior building products and our existing line of siding profiles and standard rain screen offerings, the Iron Woods® Vanish Rain Screen™ brings a newfound elegance to the art of both commercial and residential building envelope design and construction. In 2013, the world-famous Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago erected a full size home to demonstrate the potential of sustainable, futuristic and technologically advanced building materials in the 21st century. When the experts were designing the Chicago Smart Home: Green + Wired, they wanted exterior cladding that was functionally superior, sleek and sustainable. The Iron Woods® Vanish Rain Screen™ system was the natural choice. Here’s why:The perfect compliment to the natural beauty of our Ironwoods premium grade exterior building products, the Vanish Rain Screen brings a new found elegance to the art of both residential and commercial building envelope design and construction.

State of the art design. The Vanish Rain Screen System represents a significant leap forward in Rain Screen Design. Our unique Vanish Rain Screen™ Clips and Vanish™ Siding profile provide not only both horizontal and vertical ventilation but also eliminate the appearance of fasteners from the building aesthetic which represents a significant improvement over traditional “On Batten/Face Fastened” rain screen applications. Unlike traditional on batten or face fastened applications of cladding, the Iron Woods® Vanish Rain Screen™ System eliminates the need for face fastening altogether. Our unique clip system virtually vanishes providing a clean and appealing aesthetic appearance.

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