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Eastern White Cedar Shingles

White Cedar Shingles
White Cedar Shingles
White Cedar Shingles

Eastern White Cedar (EWC) is much like it’s cousin, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, in that it is actually in the cypress family rather than the cedar family.  Known for its dense, even grain pattern and fine texture, it contains natural oils and tannins that enable it to easily resist rot, decay and insect destruction. It’s even grain pattern and cell structure allow it to be bleached, stained or coated more uniformly than most shingle species, giving the finished project a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  EWC is considered a moderate growth specie, which can replenish itself in as little as 35 years, making it one of the easiest to manage into a forestry sustainability program.


Kiln-Dried Bleaching Stain R&R Eastern White Cedar Shingles

coastal-bleaching-stain-ewcIf the beauty of Eastern White Cedar shingles makes them your siding of choice but you don’t have time to wait for your shingles to age naturally or you are worried they will not age evenly on all exposures of your home or business, this option is perfect for you:

Kiln Dried 16" Eastern White Cedar in R&R (Resquared & Rebutted) Clear grade or better* are pre-finished with a superior water based, Low VOC Bleaching Stain.  At a 5” Exposure, 4 boxes will do a full square. 

*Extra Grades available


Akzo-Nobel’s patented formula of water-based bleaching stain is factory-applied in a controlled environment under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity. After installation, oxygen and sunlight react with the coating to create an accelerated weathering effect and natural graying of the wood creating that desired oceanfront look. The tested and proven water-based formulation insures a more even weathering effect in all conditions, without the need for water.

Upon initial installation this proprietary coating gives a delicate gray tone. After 3-6 months installed and exposed to the elements, shingles will gradually turn into a natural driftwood gray color. The coating has a blend of agents and features linseed oil for water-resistance and long-term protection. A wide-spectrum mildewcide solution is also incorporated to protect the wood against destructive fungi, mildew and blue stain.

The coating contains pigments to provide initial appeal, but is not considered a finish. It is simply designed to accelerate the weathering process and weathering results and timelines will vary based on different climate conditions. Since shingles will weather naturally and change appearance, no coating warranties apply.

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