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Western Red Cedar Roof Shingles

Western Red Cedar Shingles
Western Red Cedar Shingles
Western Red Cedar Shingles

Western Red Cedar (WRC) is known for its excellent physical properties and appearance characteristics for exterior applications on both roof surfaces, as well as in siding applications. WRC grows just west of the Rocky Mountains and from Alaska down through British Columbia in Canada, through Washington state, to Oregon and the western parts of Idaho.

WRC has natural variances in color, from a light yellow on the extreme light side to a dark chocolate brown on the extreme dark side.  This color variation can even happen within the same tree!

WRC is also known by its sweet fragrant smell, making it a popular choice for musty cupboards, stagnant closets, and clothing storage chests for the past 3 centuries.

Available in different lengths, thicknesses, cuts and grades, all with special applications in the cedar shingle and shake market.


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