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In 2012, the International Residential Code (IRC), Section R501.3 was amended to provide for "Fire Protection of Floors". It was updated in 2015 IRC, Section R302.13. This Code change, which is now being introduced in a number of jurisdictions, stipulates that if wood I-joists are used in residential home construction, the builder must do one of three things:

  1. Sprinkler the home, or
  2. Drywall the basement, or
  3. Protect the joists to achieve fire performance equivalent to a solid sawn 2x10

The test protocol which sets out the testing required to achieve the "equivalency" to a 2x10 is stipulated in AC-14.

PinkWood has developed a proprietary method to meet the requirement. We have successfully tested joists with 2 ft. lengths of OSB panels coated with PKshield, our proprietary intumescent coating, and stapled to the web at 4 ft. on center. These panels (called WEBShields) can be stapled onto the sides of our Standard joists, or onto the sides of our Class A or Class B Fire Rated joists.


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