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Weaber Oak & Poplar Mouldings

Weaber Mouldings
Weaber Mouldings
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Poplar Boards and Mouldings are superior to pine in many ways and Weaber, Inc. has been producing the finest quality Poplar products for over fifty years.

  • POPLAR is non resinous, allowing minimal grain raising and bleed through when primed and painted.
  • POPLAR stains well and its unique grain pattern allows matching of many fine hardwoods such as CHERRY and WALNUT.
  • POPLAR has excellent gluing ability and screw and nail holding properties. Its superior machining qualities make it the perfect all purpose board for

Weaber's Oak, Poplar and Finger Joint Poplar Mouldings are available in a large variety of upscale profiles to fit your specific needs. Weaber's Finger Joint Poplar Mouldings are manufactured from the same quality C & Better Poplar as our Solid Poplar Mouldings but with a potential cost savings. Weaber's Finger Joint Mouldings are available in both primed and un-primed.

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