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Versatex® Column Wraps

Versatex Column Wraps
Versatex Column Wraps

Now, instead of fitting together four individual pieces of cellular PVC in the field, you can wrap smarter, with Versatex Column Wraps, VERSAWRAP, a one-piece column wraps. No more field cutting and struggling to match up the seams.

VERSAWRAP is another innovation from VERSATEX that is designed to save time and money during installation while improving the finished look. The unique design of VERSAWRAP features a product cut with three pre-mitered grooves that fold around the structural wood post and lock together with a friction fit joint. The pre-mitered grooves feaure an inter-locking joint design that assures proper corner alignment and greater surface area for bonding. VERSAWRAP is easy to install – peel protective tape off the corners and walk away.

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