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River Road Liquidation Specialist

Title: River Road Liquidation Specialist
Location: Bow, NH
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Position Overview:

This position is responsible for the management, maintenance and presence for the orderly liquidation of discontinued, damaged and slow moving inventory. The role consists of interaction with customers while providing alternatives to purchase materials. In addition, the ability to drive and maintain marketing and sales development initiatives in adverting on sites such as Craigslist. The ability to learn about new product lines and offerings as well as competitive product lines.

The role will require a balance of physical and business acumen as the role will also be responsible for the movement and orderly organization of the inventory.

It is critical for the ideal candidate to have the ability to delegate work and perform many functions at one time.

Qualifications and position requirements:

The role consists of an ability to have the skills to manage multiple marketing and advertising initiates as well as organization inventory in a neat and precise manner. In addition, this role would require some level of knowledge or ability in using our Agility ERP system and Excel as well as organizing and generating reports on sales and analysis of product movement. The role will require the ability to understand Microsoft Office products, maintain a cash box and have retail experience. The ideal candidate will possess experience in building, construction, or framing.

Physical Requirements:

This role will consist of a work environment that will consist of working outside at times, fork truck experience, chainsaw usage, heavy lifting as well as using office tools such as computers, fax and software.

Equipment and Machinery:

Frequently requires use of equipment such as telephones, copiers, computers and fax machines. The role also requires the use of forklifts and other various heavy machinery.

Required license or certification:

Forklift experience and certification if applicable


High School Degree or equivalent