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Coastal Pro LVL Studs


  • Douglas fir LVL and finger-jointed black spruce
  • For walls that are stiff, straight, and strong
  • Coastal Pro engineered studs are engineered to reduce twisting, warping, and splitting
  • The ideal product to be used in installation of counters and cabinets in kitchens without the hassles of shimming
  • Reduce construction time when installing tall walls
  • Available in 2×4 and 2×6 with lengths up to 48 feet
  • Building-code approved

There is no question that the total savings to builders and framers far outweighs the initial premium they may pay for Coastal Pro Engineered studs.

Coastal-Pro LVL Studs:
Doug Fir, waxed & eased edge

MOE ( Modulus of Elasticity): 1,500,000 psi
Fb (Bending): 2,250 psi
Fv (Horizontal Shear): 220 psi
Fe (Compression Parallel to grain): 1,950 psi

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