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Engineered Wood Products

Coastal Forest Products stocks a variety of Engineered Woods Products from Coastal Pro LVL to Nordic I-Joists.  We have engineers on staff that can assist you with your next project.  Contact us at 800-932-9663 and ask for engineering or send your plans to

Coastal Forest Products provides lumberyards, contractors, and architects with invaluable engineering support. Within three to five days of your request, Coastal will supply color-coded 2’x3’ professional layout maps of your project, the calculations can also include an engineering stamp if necessary.

These plans can be delivered directly to the jobsite to save time. The layouts can be laminated as well. All engineered beams and laminates are sealed after the cutting process is complete. To assist during the installation process all engineered products marked previous to shipping to coordinate with the supplied color-coded layout maps. In addition, our Easy Return Policy makes alternations and additions worry-free.

For complete details on our engineering support, call or email us at


Stock Reference Guide

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Product Cataglog

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Anthony Power Beam

The Power Beam® is a superior glued laminated beam and header for use where reliable engineered wood applications are required.

Anthony Power Preserved Glulam

Anthony Forest Products introduces its new Anthony Power Preserved Glulam® Beams and Columns treated with Hoover Treated Wood Products Inc.

Coastal Pro I-Joist

Solid-sawn or LVL flange Coastal Pro i-joists to satisfy your engineered needs.

Coastal Pro LVL Studs

  • Douglas fir LVL and finger-jointed black spruce
  • For walls that are stiff, straight, and strong
  • Coastal Pro engineered studs are engineered to reduce twisting, warping, and splitting

Lamco LFL

  • Straight, Dimensionally Stable, Defected of fiber deviation, compression, holes and spike knots
  • 100% usable with wane-free edges
  • Optimized with World Class Green technology

Norbord Rimboard

  • Resists twisting, cupping, cracking and warping
  • Each board is edge coated and the units are paper wrapped for protection against the elements

Nordic I-Joists

Nordic I-joists are prefabricated, made of Black Spruce short-length finger-jointed lumber, include residential and light-commercial joist depths, ranging from 9-1/4 to 24 inches. Nordic Joist is also available with pre-cut web openings.

Triforce Open Joist

The open joist TRIFORCE, is a state-of-the-art product in the forefront of the construction industry. Thanks to its structural-quality OSB panel, this open webbed floor joist is adjustable over 24 inches at one end. It is fabricated from selected wood and assembled using finger-jointed technology. It is manufactured entirely by robotics, ensuring great precision, rigidity and incomparable appearance, at a highly competitive price. A revolutionary structural flooring product, our joist offers you maximum comfort and peace of mind underfoot!

Engineered Wood Products Accessories

Simpson Strong Tie

Simpson has many solutions to meet customers' construction needs with a full product offering of structural connectors, fasteners, fastening systems, anchors, lateral systems, software, and concrete repair, protection and strengthening systems.